Bullock & Cart

Bullock and Cart

Time to end the old year with a new photo.

[Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka]


Latitude: 8.354585
Longitude: 80.427561

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Gem Hunter

Gem Hunter

A miner in Sri Lanka searching for moonstones and other precious gems through the silty mixture that is brought up from below ground.


[Near Galle, Sri Lanka]

Latitude: 6.091398

Longitude: 80.237703

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Tea Lines

Tea Lines

If there’s one thing I have to love more than travelling, reading, and photography, it’s tea.

Granted I am British, but there is a certain element of tea which is simply beautiful. It’s such a versatile substance that you can easily change to suit everyone’s tastes. Black. Green. Fruit. White. Sweet. Bitter. Creamy. You can do it all with tea.

A few months ago I was on a trip to Sri Lanka with my family, and being a tea lover I jumped at the opportunity to go see a tea plantation. The very place where something so lovely came from.

Hundungoda Tea Estate is the perfect place to go to for this kind of thing. It’s relatively unheard of, which to me is surprising because it delivers so much. Not only is it a tea plantation full of history, but it produces coconut, rubber, and spices alongside several varieties of tea. Famously so, what is called Virgin White Tea. A tea variety almost lost in time, the fine little leaves of the tea plant are picked and dried without coming into any contact with human skin – as it was believed that sweat from the fingers of humans would contaminate the tea. It was also meant to be picked with gold scissors and by young virgins, however that part seems to have been left behind.

The estate was amazing, with so much history and diversity. It was almost a modern Garden of Eden, with luscious green fields and tall trees combined with the residing people and the local wildlife.

Above you can see lines of different brews of tea that they had available in their own Tea Museum, for the visitors to sample after their tour of the premises.

[Hundungoda Tea Estate, Sri Lanka]

Latitude: 6.013977

Longitude: 80.364094

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Stone Circles

Callanais Stones

Behold the great stone circles of Britain. No it’s not Stonehenge, these are the lesser known standing stones of Callanish (or Calanais if you speak Gaelic). Found on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, these stones are partially submerged in the ground in a mysterious circular formation similar to that of Stonehenge. Although whoever erected these stones did one better than those down in the south of England, as there are more than one set of circles.

Of course similar to their English cousins, their actual use and origins are a mystery. They are another set of stones shrouded by lore and intrigue.

If this isn’t on your list of places to visit, it should be!

[Calanais, Outer Hebrides, Scotland]

Latitude: 58.205223

Longitude: -6.743159

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Sparkle of the Old Souq

Sparkle of the Souq

[Mutrah Souq, Oman]

Latitude: 23.621125
Longitude: 58.562214

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The Gleam of Modernity

Gleam of Modernity

[Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates]

Latitude: 25.197139
Longitude: 55.274111

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Blue Mountains over Muscat

Blue Mountains over Muscat

On Boxing Day this Christmas I flew with my family to Muscat, Oman for a short holiday. Oman has always been on my list of top 10 places I’ve wanted to go to, and I’m so happy it’s been done.

In my eyes, Muscat is a beautiful country embracing a perfect balance between urbanisation and it’s beautiful geography. Nestled amongst amazing blue mountains and a stunning coastline it’s one of the most peaceful places in West Asia. Within this beautiful country are intricately decorated mosques, great food, and warm welcoming people.


[Muscat, Oman]

Latitude: 23.617226
Longitude: 58.506188

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Alpha on Guard

Back when I lived with Monkeys in my garden (that doesn’t happen in London unfortunately. Health and Safety and all that), they became quite friendly. Not friendly to the extent that I could touch them, but friendly enough that I could sit down around the troop without much danger.

There was one time, in a long session with them, where I managed to get a great shot with the alpha male of the troop here. Quite a dramatic photo I reckon.


[Addis Ababa, Ethiopia]

Latitude: 9.060673

Longitude: 38.775759

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Simply Rural

Rural Life


In my travels I have encountered many hidden pieces of art in the world we live in. These range from the beauty of a mountain range, to a hidden street stall in a busy city. There’s always been something I’ve found quite structurally beautiful about some of the rural areas I’ve passed through. In Africa everyone thinks about the stereotypical round hut made of stone and thatch, but there is nothing wrong with this. Yes they’re not the houses which we are used to in most of our societies, but at the same time that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them. If anything they are a lot more interesting to look at compared to our square brick houses.

I’d also like to give some food for thought here; is the title actually the best representation for a photo such as this? Is the rural life really that simple?


[On the road to the Sani Pass, Lesotho]

Latitude: -29.540304

Longitude: 29.214331

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Metal Flowers for Her Hair



It was a while ago that I visited China…close to 5 years now. However there are still some memories I can remember fondly.

Chinese tourism is often centred around it’s past. From the Terracotta Warriors and the Great Wall, to the Mausoleum of Chairman Mao. People sometimes do not see the people themselves.

China is full of a beautifully rich culture which many mediums fail to highlight. This lady was around the marketplace in Xi’an one of the nights we were there. Selling little handicrafts whilst adorned with these incredible metal decorations, with a warm smile to complete it. A really nice lady who was more than happy for us to photograph her.


[Xi’an, China]

Latitude: 34.342211

Longitude: 108.942457

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